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Astute Capital Plc is an established UK property lender with headquarters in London, Baker Street. Specialising in UK asset-backed lending since incorporation in 2016, the company has raised over £34m through its own listed securities across multiple stock exchanges. As a business, Astute Capital believes in putting its investors first and has always aimed to generate above average, asset-backed returns.


The lending team has over 40 years experience in UK property development and lending and follow a strict underwriting process to ensure adequate security is taken for every loan. The business feels there is much instability in the global market following Brexit, the Pandemic and now the crisis in Ukraine and there is a need to switch to lower risk strategies, which, in practice, means avoiding second charge loans which rank behind senior debt and reducing the average loan-to-value.


 Astute Capital Plc is offering investors an opportunity to share in the success of a fast-growing senior debt lending business having now paid more than £17m out to investors, successfully completing 4 audits. The investment opportunity will enable Astute Capital to refocus its core business solely on senior debt lending products to service its current pipeline of £200m senior debt loans over the next 6 months.